What is Saulpink Rocket?

Saulpink Rocket (Saulpink) is a cryptocurrency that is created based on online memes. We focus heavily on our community and provide a place for online users to use crypto and feel a part of a community.

Saulpink Rocket is an ecosystem powered by some strong utilities that mix our love for our beloved person (Saulpink) that has created the best launchpad and the decentralization movement.

We mix DEFI, NFTs, Play to earn and other components to build out the most promising project.

Why must we buy a Saulpink token?

Saulpink Rocket is the #1 Pinksale Rewards Token on the Blockchain 🚀 Enjoy a Massive Auto 7% in Pinksale Tokens, Pure Pumps of Passive income from the Buy and Sell transactions. This is how paper hands ✋️ really do get wrecked 🚀

Add to Wallet for automatic Passive Income with Pinksale Tokens 🚀

Saulpink Rocket To Help Meme Coins Evolve

Saulpink Rocket takes the basic meme coin one step further by putting its focus on decentralisation. Trying to shape society in a decentralised manner, we aims to use non-traditional incentive structures in both DeFi and DAOs.

Saulpink Rocket native token is Saulpink which is built on the BEP-20 standard that runs on the Binance Smart Chain. However, Saulpink rocket is currently investigating the possibility of building bridges to link various networks such as Polygon, Fantom, and more to maximize decentralisation.

Saulpink Rocket Ecosystem

Ecosystem has all tools and functions interlinked in a same environment.

Saulpink Rocket Wallet

Saulpink wallet will enable you to keep your token safe.

Saulpink Rocket Swap

Saulpink swap will enable you to swap tokens.

Saulpink Rocket Meme's

Create best Saulpink Memes and earn rewards.

Saulpink Rocket Cartoon Series

Buy  Saulpink digital comic series.

Saulpink Rocket NFT

Saulpink NFT Marketplace will enable you to buy and sell Saulpink NFTs.

Saulpink Rocket Love

Any marketing proposals are not accepted, regardless if your legitimate or another scammer. All our marketing is handled by our valued partnership with
We have enough support from the Core Team, Platform & Partners. Thank you 🚀

Play to Earn Game

The Saulpink Rocket play to earn game will be a way for investors to earn even more rewards by mining the Saulpink token and holding for Passive Pinksale tokens or swapping for your Native currency to purchase your favorite cryptocurrency’s.




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You can't rug us. We are unruggable

We value the safety of our investors funds above everything else. That’s why we took the steps to ensure Saulpink Rocket is 100% safe and technically unruggable. The initial liquidity is locked for 10 years.

Automatic Massive Rewards in Pinksale tokens

Saulpink Rocket is programmed to reward it’s holders in Pinksale tokens. Rewards automatically paid to it’s holders as passive income for holding the tokens. The longer you HODL, the more pinksale tokens you will get.

Holder’s earns a massive 7% reward for just holding Saulpink Rocket tokens.

Huge Burn

We burned more than 20% of the total supply of Saulpink Rocket and sent it to a dead wallet.

No Dev and Team Token

This project is community focused. The dev and the team burned all of their tokens and will participate with everyone else. Dev and the team don’t have any tokens. They will participate with everyone else in the launch.


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